There goes another one

This morning at 3:30 am, I took my friend Steph to the airport. Why do all the good ones go? I guess someone will ask themselves the same question when I go; hopefully. She came over earlier and we spent the night leading up to her flight cooking breakfast, drinking mimosas and doing cocaine. What the hell, she was leaving the Navy, and it was our last hoorah.

We had lots of great adventured, but my favorite thus far was when we took acid and hiked ‘Tarzan Falls’. It was so relaxing to be out there with nature. No time, no phone, no people, just the waterfall splashing into the pool of water and the tress rustling in the wind. After the hike we decided to go for a swim as the sun was setting. We were in somewhat of a hurry to find a decent spot before the sun completely set, so we just pulled over the side of the road (keep in mind most of Guam is coastline with beach access everywhere). It was perfect; it had lawn chairs set up and the water was warm. Just as we were laughing, talking loudly, and starting to relax, we began to hear voices like someone was speaking out of a megaphone. We both ignored it and said we were tripping, because obviously we were, when all of a sudden we look around and find out there’s a funeral service across the street. Oh my Goodness! Even then we just quietly laughed and enjoyed the smooth waters before the feeling of stings overcame me and I freaked out thinking “jellyfish season”. Only to find out it was mosquitoes, but my skin is very sensitive on acid, so I thought we were being stung by jellyfish; stupid I know.

We decided to take off, still in our bathing suits, into one of the bars I work at to grab some water before heading into town to walk off the remaining effects of the acid. Only to find out Steph had forgotten all of her clothes back at the beach. Everything from shirts to pants to shoes. Luckily, I had a box of clothes in the back of my seat just waiting to be donated to the Salvation Army. I clothed her and we continued our adventure. Steph and I walked into the fanciest hotels there, rode to the top floors, watched people, and simply just enjoyed the view. We decided that in two weeks, we’d dress super fancy to fit in with the tourists, and crash the hotels. It was such a great night, except we didn’t get to crash any hotels because she had to spend her last weekend in jail to finish off her debt, ugh it was messed up, but understandable.

Fresh water known as Priest Pools in the village of Inarajan

She’s a real good person who’s been through some crazy shit. The first time I met her she was talking so fast and her eyes were so big with intensity, I thought she was going to run out of breath, but no, she just kept going and that’s when I thought “this girl is on something”, turns out she’s just super energetic. Steph is really into healing, energy, reiki, and setting intentions;  in some ways it became kind of contagious. Even though I thought some of it was a bit too much for me, it didn’t matter; she’s a crazy cool white girl who is just trying to better herself and not let the past drag her down, we both were. The fact that we both had our mugshots in the paper on the tiny island of Guam really helped us bond also. If you are from a small town or city, then you know what I mean.

I didn’t know her for long but she definitely became important to me at a time where we both needed positivity, so we became that for each other. Not sure if anyone else has encountered that. Sometimes it’s like the universe knows what you need and it sends you encouragement disguised as friends. It’s such a weird feeling when I dropped her off; familiar feelings of emptiness and loneliness surrounded me. Not just because of her, but because it reminded me of how far away from family and loved ones I was.  If anyone has ever been apart from their loved ones, then you know the feeling of being reunited with them, only to be separated for whatever circumstances. It kind of felt like that, not because she meant so much to me, but in a sense she brought strength to me and now she was leaving. Everything we have in life is borrowed or meant to teach us a lesson. I choose to think that the universe thinks I am well on my way to healing, therefor I don’t need a crutch anymore. Little by little the strength will come from within and I will be able to stand on my own. Everyone has a crutch they lean on, which is good, but eventually, we need to find the strength within us to be that power for someone else also. I wonder if anyone really understands the feeling.

Like the waves, people come and go, but with each visit, they leave a little piece of them behind for us to find and make something beautiful of it.

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