In a long distance relationship, how long does it take before you guys become strangers? How do all those military spouses spend so much time apart and cope with it?

Maybe one must remember the bad times also, not just the good. 

I guess my case is a little different; Storm and I are trying to fix a broken relationship from a distance. We decided to give ‘us’ another chance but the problem is that we had very little time to mend things before he had to be out at sea again. Trying to make a relationship work after a stressful hit is not easy and it is not always successful. Learning to trust after that trust has been betrayed takes a long time, if it is ever achieved again. Even then, maybe the trust is not 100% gained.

What does it really take to make a relationship work through distance and betrayal? (Not cheating). Humans are social creatures by nature, some more than others, so it is normal for us to seek comfort and support, especially in times of stress. I won’t lie, I’m going through an extremely hard time, but Storm knows nothing about it. I’m so close to be thrown in jail if I don’t come up with $5,000 and I’m so scared to lose everything, but he isn’t there. It’s so confusing and difficult to remain strong for ‘us’ when ‘us’ is becoming something smaller and smaller. He was my go-to person for my deepest darkest secrets but now, I have nobody to tell those to. A strange part of me feels like he doesn’t even deserve to know them. It’s not his fault he isn’t here, and the space in between us keeps getting bigger.

How do you fix a broken relationship from one hundred miles away with no communication? What happens when the person who is supposed to be there for you isn’t, but someone else is? How do you hold on to the love you once felt without hurting yourself at the same time?

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